Escape the Room, New York (USA), Tel-Aviv (Israel), Nice (France)

When we planned our last trip to New York city, we had in mind that the trip was short and that we had to enjoy it as much as possible, with all the fun that could be found along the way. Also, we wanted our evenings to be filled with peculiar activities, and not just randomly go out for dinners or drinks, even in nice places. We were looking for big laughters coming out from our chest, we wanted to be amazed, and we wanted to be challenged.

That’s simply by searching on TripAdvisor that I have found out about this franchise of Real Quest Games that is called “Escape Room”.

Escape the Room NYC and Tel-Aviv - Real Quest Games
Escape the Room NYC and Tel-Aviv – Real Quest Games

Feeling in the mood for such a chance to have fun, we booked online immediately. The games are to be played by a team of 3 to 6 people, and even if you’re just a couple of friends, you can still make the booking and the organizers will team you up with another small group of people, which is fun because this way you get to meet with the locals !

We can’t tell about the game itself, otherwise it will ruin the discovery and the quest for other future participants, but I strongly recommend you have a look at the concept and details online, because we really had a blast ! The game we played was called The Home.  The game is timed, you’re locked up in a room full of mysteries to solve, and you’ve got an hour to use your brain and… escape the room !

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We had such an amazing time that we talked about it for weeks afterwards, and still today when we think about that hour of pure fun, we put back this big smile on our faces and laugh about the genius ideas we saw during the game.

A few months later, we decided to travel to Israel. We had to meet up with some friends who live in Tel-Aviv, and thought it would be nice to Escape a Room with them if such a game existed there too. And we did !!! The game is pretty much still unknown at the moment in Tel-Aviv compared to the ones in other Western countries, and it’s a pity because it was really worth every second of our time ! You can also make a reservation online, but there, you need to come up with a full group of your own (they don’t partner you up with anyone, I think). The game we played was The Robbery of the Century and we had an amazing time once again.

Now we can tell, this Escape the Room concept has turned highly addictive for us! We have recently been playing one in our hometown in Nice. There have been a few new options coming out very recently, and we picked our game from another good franchise, Fox in a Box, and played The Bunker (or how to save the world from a nuclear attack in one hour).

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Written by Sophie Rebibo-Halimi, © 2015 All Rights Reserved.

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