Crunchy Falafels, Israel.

Tonight I’ve made a MAJOR discovery while preparing Shabbath dinner. My husband and I were discussing earlier about improving (always more) our favorite recipes, and about making hummus and my homemade falafels which recipe is available by clicking this very link. All of a sudden, following a short silence and a quick look at each other, we spoke in one voice and pronounced the words “fluffier inside” and “crunchier outside”. The fluffy part has been easy to fix, I simply realized that I never put the right amount of baking soda in my falafel mixture. Error corrected.

Since we already established long time ago by now that the general flavor and spice level of the right falafel were dictated by the perfect recipe from my blogging friend Falafelinlove, at home we’ve made it our evening duty to try out little improvements in order to meet the desired crunchiness. So we’ve put up another World Food Challenge for Israel (I know, they are countless on my blog!). And then only we set the table and had the perfect dinner.

Falafels made Crunchy -

Long trials short, I’ve ended up coating my falafels with thin breadcrumbs. I even think that’s the way they do it in Israel, but boy, I’ve never seen a recipe in which this idea is even mentioned. I’m almost beginning to think that chefs, cooks and bloggers voluntarily omit to tell their tips and tricks to keep this recipe’s important detail a classified secret. Or… I’m myself going the wrong way and I’ll probably be told anytime soon hopefully. :)

How to make the proper coating? The technique is the same as for coating veal, turkey or chicken to make Schnitzel. Whisk an egg in a small bowl, spread a bit of flour in a small plate, and breadcrumbs in another plate. When the frying oil is heated in your deep bottom pan, roll a falafel ball into the flour, then quickly dip it in the eggwash, and thoroughly roll it into the breadcrumbs. Deep fry it in the pan, taking care to spin it over a few times and to make sure it’s turning equally golden on all sides.

Of course, you’ll enjoy these crunchy and delicious falafels with homemade hummus, won’t you?!

Bon Appétit !

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Created and Written by Sophie Rebibo-Halimi, © 2015 All Rights Reserved.


  1. Thanks! About the baking, maybe you’re right, but I can’t seem to bake things right lately, so I wouldn’t be sure about how long to bake coated falafels, and at what temperature. Let me know here if you ever try on your side, I’d be interested by the outcome of your trials too! It would be so much healthier if they were baked indeed…


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