Apt, Gordes and Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, Provence, France

When I visited Luberon region in September 2014, my friends and I went first to visit the famous Provençal Colorado of Rustrel, which I wrote about when I just started this blog. The last day of the weekend, we drove around throughout the day and went from one lovely Provence village to the next, before going back to Nice. In Apt we stayed overnight and decided to go west to visit the small town of Gordes and then Isle-sur-la-Sorgue.

Gordes is a village made of old stones only, and that seems to hang above a cliff. If you look closer, there are actually stairs and a stone path that connect the village up the hill to the land and vineyards down in the valley.


What I loved in this village are all the artisan shops in which tourists and locals can buy souvenirs and local food specialties to bring back home or offer away as presents. All the small boutiques are so nicely decorated and well organized, it’s a pleasure for the eyes before it becomes an excitement for the wallet!! Besides, I love looking at all the little details that surround us when when we walk in the old streets: nice plants arranged at a shop’s front door, a nice balcony just offering the space for a small coffee table and two chairs, a foreign rental agency, postcards hung on building walls (to be seen by tourists at once, but also I think to set up a form of colorful decoration on raw stone buildings), etc.


A few kilometers away, we spent our last vacation hours in Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, probably one of the cutest small towns of the area. It was fresh, colorful, peaceful, joyful, and like everywhere where there are lots of trees and rivers, the air is purer than in bigger cities and the atmosphere simply is made for visitors to relax and spend an amazing time. Every Sunday, there is an Antiques market that takes place alongside the river, restaurants and coffee shops are packed, and people wander around the city going from an art gallery to an ice-cream shop, and so on. Honestly, the pictures will talk better by themselves.


Isle sur Sorgue along the riverIsle sur Sorgue Antiques alleyIsle sur Sorgue antiques gardenIsle sur Sorgue outdoor tea salonIsle sur Sorgue river sideIsle sur Sorgue riversideIsle sur Sorgue water wheel

And to put a yummy end to this post, the meal I liked the most during this weekend has been Gambas à la Provençale, aka Southern France style Prawns. Those pictures of Provençal Prawns are not mine (I just found them through Google Images), but I thought it would be nice to show you what has been the best dish I had during that weekend in Luberon region (more precisely in the town of Apt), even though I haven’t dared yet to try cooking it at home. Everywhere on the internet, it is said this recipe is fairly easy to process, however I can’t get myself to trying it as it does not sound so easy to me! I hope you enjoyed my little escapade!

Before you go, did you know my first cookbook got published? It’s called Cookbook #1: A French Girl’s Cooking Adventures in Her Kitchen, and it’s available online, you’re just a click away, RIGHT HERE!

Created and Written by Sophie Rebibo-Halimi, © 2015 All Rights Reserved.


  1. […] In the end of September 2014, my friends and I decided to go away for the weekend and enjoy our beautiful extended region, known worldwide under the name of Provence. The region is actually subdivided in several areas, one of which is called Luberon, where we went. It’s about a three hours drive from Nice, direction North-West away from the sea. We visited several small towns and villages such as Gordes and Isle-sur-Sorgue, as you can read here… […]


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