My List to Santa


Christmas is right around the corner, it’s just a few hours before Santa gets his  reindeers ready for the big ride and drops our presents in our chimneys. As I don’t have one, this year’s gifts will be everything but solid. I just want to receive things that can get into my Life from the outside by a simple act of magic, but no sliding down this chimney that I don’t own, no climbing up that balcony of mine because it is totally snow-free at the moment therefore unappropriate for reindeer’s landing from the Sky, and no knock-knock-knocking on my (Heaven’s) door for a last minute package delivery while I would still be wearing my cute and comfy pyjamas! So here we go with my List, Santa please try your best! I’ve decorated a tree for you!

My Strange Christmas Tree

A rock-steady love and happiness with my dear husband, and the chance to share always more complicity, interesting experiences and happy times together.

Health, good health, for everyone around and myself, so that we all can enjoy the treasures of what Life has to offer, with no limits or constraints whatsoever.

Extra time to travel the world (please please please)!

More talent in developing a nicer blog and attracting a wider audience.

A simple and basic unlimited budget to purchase all the nice plates, dishes and trays from the franchised stores Maisons du Monde, so I can set up nice food presentations. Well, wait, make it an unlimited budget to just purchase the store franchise itself, it will be easier for me to pick up what I like.

New cooking experiences in my little kitchen, new flavors discovery, new world food program (without Caps Locks), new food photography, new inspirational blogging friends, new trials of cooking dishes from the 5 continents, well, new trips on my plate!

More time and energy to finish the translation in English of my book telling about my former expat life in China. Oh G-d, that takes me ages!

Extra time to travel. Yeah, I know, asked for it already. Don’t care. Too important for me not to mention it again. Santa will understand the message hopefully!

Dreams, drums and no more drama.

Ambition. Independance. Autonomy. Pride and dignity. Forever. Otherwise, where’s the point?

Why not more sales of my Cookbook, let’s go crazy, people!

And extra time to travel.

Merry Christmas to all of you!


  1. Lovely Sophie…really nice things to wish for..bit late to be replying to this but have been busy with pre and post christmas things. It’s funny I had told my parents about your lovely comments on my post (they read my blog all the time) and my father asked after you on Christmas…he asked if I had heard from you and I said yes we contact via our posts…nice I thought that he asked after you by name. So I do hope you had a lovely christmas (I did with friends and family).

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    • How lovely is that, Sue! I couldn’t believe what I’ve read right here, had to read it again. I’m touched and feeling blessed to be of such interest for your own parents (and if they are by any chance reading this, helloooooooooo you kind people!!). I wish my parents and my friends in real life could read my blog too, but as I’ve chosen English over French, my audience is not my close circle of usual people, which sometimes is a pity, especially when I read that you parents actively follow your writings. Christmas on my side was nice, with my husband on Christmas eve and Xmas day, then on the 26th with my mum’s family and on the 27th with my dad’s. Time to put my liver to rest now! Have a nice week, Sue!

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      • Hi Sophie. Firstly you are so talented that you are bi-lingual (very clever) and secondly what a shame your parents cannot see how talented you are with your blog. And your French speaking friends. Such a shame for your close friends not to read about what you post abd what others think of your blog. I shall copy your message and send to my mum and dad. They will be very happy to know I have passed on them asking about you and secondly that you have been so kind to take the time to reply. I need a food and wine break also. Off to the movies today. Have a lovely week too Sophie.

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