10 Steps NYC Bagel Dough Recipe

Whatever it is that you like filling your Bagel with, it will always taste 20 times better when you make the bread fresh from home! There are hundreds of recipes online, I have tried lots of them, so let me help you by providing you with my fail proof recipe!


First of all, did you know my first cookbook got published? It contains several other recipes for breads among other foods. It’s called Cookbook #1: A French Girl’s Cooking Adventures in Her Kitchen, and it’s available online, you’re just a click away, RIGHT HERE!

Who has never been craving for this delicious Jewish Eastern European round bread with a hole, that has been developed and brought to fame in New York City for more than a century, before spreading throught the rest of the World ?!

There are countless recipes online of course, but I offer you mine with a dedicated heart ! ;)

BAGEL - The Perfection by cookingtrips.wordpress.com

Also, because I’m nice, I provide you with a link to my favorite bagel filling suggestions and to another post about how to enjoy your time in NYC as a real New Yorker (and that includes, of course, eating bagels).


  • 500 g of white flour
  • 8…

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    • I’ve waited for years before I finally dared to bake bagels, and I must say I’m pretty happy I gave myself this chance to do it, you should try too!! And about my cookbook, I’d be more than honored that you check it out and give your opinion about it (free sample on the book’s page with the link, or several free samples on my blog too via the search box).


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