Savory Buckwheat Galette for Crepe Day

Today is Groundhog Day (aka Marmot Day), but it is as well Crepe Day! On the very date we so expect to know more about the duration of winter, let’s not forget to eat and to eat in style! At home, we currently are on a sugar-free diet, but there’s no way we can pass on Crepe Day for that matter. Especially I like them too much. So we’ve decided to honor, once more, our sister-in-law’s region and make savory crepes inspired from Brittany, where they are called Savory Galettes! In my opinion, it is a nice way to eat the crepe (because of its form somehow), but without the constraint of the sweet content that we cannot have right now. And I love those savory galettes anyway because you can stuff them and top them and combine them with so many ingredients, it’s just so fun to compose your dish and it always tastes amazing!

Whilst regular crepes are made of wheat / all purpose flour, and people enjoy them with sweet spreads such as chocolate paste, sugar and lemon, jam or marmalade, well on the contrary savory galettes must be made of buckwheat and are always spread with cheese, vegetables, meat, eggs, etc. and can be topped with fresh green leaves. Combinations are endless, you really can throw any ingredient you like! I’ve gone very basic here, but come on, you, be creative!

Savory Crepe of Chicken Mushroom Shallot Emmental cheese and Arugula

For this savory galette, I have combined Emmental cheese, a chicken breast cut into bite pieces, white button mushrooms (sliced), shallots (minced), Greek yogurt to bind the mushrooms and shallots in the cooking pan, and walnuts. I closed the galette from the sides, served it on a plate, topped it with arugula and other green leaves, and drizzled just a dash of olive oil with basil. I’m pretty happy with this, and I must say this is quite a healthy dish. Buckwheat is not a cereal and is low on calorie once it is cooked, it is low-carb as well, and all the other ingredients are fresh and used in reasonable quantity.

You need to pre-cook the chicken breast first, then the mushrooms and the shallots with the Greek yogurt, and prepare your walnuts in advance. If you have a dedicated appliance for crepes and galettes, now is the time to use it. If not, use a regular pan. Grease it with a little bit of butter, slide your galette in, pour the mushrooms and shallots preparation, top it with the cooked chicken breast pieces. Sprinkle with a generous layer of grated emmental cheese and throw over the walnuts. It will cook pretty fast in the pan, so keep an eye on it and check regularly underneath how it goes (I’m talking seconds here).  When rising the sides to check the color, you will see that the other face of the galette starts to brown; fold those sides on top of the melting cheese and finish to cook for a minute or two. Serve on an individual plate and top with arugula and/or green leaves with a bit of olive oil and basil.

My sister-in-law always tells me that although it would be a sacrilege not to make your own homemade crepes, but on the other hand it would totally be acceptable to use store-bought galettes in order to simply give in an easy final assembly of nicely cooked ingredients. The crepe dough, when you know the right proportions, is easy to prepare, but the buckwheat version seems to be a whole different story, and even some locals (from Brittany) are going the easy way and choose the option of the store-bought item. So I will not be giving you the recipe of the galette (but basically it’s only buckwheat, water and salt, and rare people add an egg), but just tell you that my combination of ingredients tonight was rocking sky-high!

Last summer, when we went to Brittany for a short vacation, we had savory galette almost everyday with fresh local ingredients. If you’re curious to find out what other nice foods we ate or brought back home as yummy souvenirs, you might want to click on these two links HERE and HERE AGAIN.

Now do you want some real recipes that need a little more hard work? Check out the other posts on my blog and please visit my Cookbook’s page – click. 

Created and Written by Sophie Rebibo-Halimi, © 2016 All Rights Reserved.


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