Hosting This Month’s Event at “Our Growing Edge” under the Theme “TRAVEL”. Open the post and read on, all dishes must smell like Holidays!

I am thrilled to host on my blog this month’s event for “Our Growing Edge”. Obviously, in regards to my own blog, the theme I picked is “Travel”. I’ve always loved traveling, and more recently I’ve opened-up to cooking dishes from places I’ve never been to. I call that “travel by anticipation”, as food often reflects the culture of a country, and I choose to first visit that country on my plate! Read on and find out how to participate to Our Growing Edge!

This event is open to anyone who cooks and wishes to write a post about a dish that sticks to my theme, as long as cooking this dish uses a technique or an ingredient that you never tried before. Indeed the first rule of the event is that what you cook must include a technique or an ingredient that is new to you. So don’t be afraid to re-visit classics, or to create a dish from scratch, it is totally up to you! If you have no time to write a fresh new post, in fact you are allowed to share the link to an old post of yours, as long as you don’t forget to add-in the links and logos of Our Growing Edge and anything else that is made mandatory by the event’s official rules. Like for instance the link to my blog’s homepage ;) Check them out, these are very easy rules to follow.


Our Growing Edge was born thanks to Genie from Bunny Eats Design. It is a link-up party that incites bloggers to share their cooking experiences, and helps them grow an interest in trying new things.  

You can have a look at previous months’ events, and of course you are most welcome to feed my event page as well by clicking Here. At the end of July (or most likely beginning of August), I will write a round-up of the event and will link to your blogs too, so take your chance, it is not a competition and nobody will judge you, it’s all about sharing your cooking trials with others!

For this month’s theme is Travel, here are some heads-up that Genie kindly suggested for you guys:

  • Cook something from memory from your travels
  • Host a tropical themed potluck
  • Cook something from a place you would love to visit
  • Recreate a dish from your favourite ethnic eatery
  • Try a new restaurant that serves food from your travels
  • Make an exotic dessert
  • Attend a cooking class based on the cuisine of a country you would like to visit
  • Take a classic recipe and adapt it to reflect flavours from your travels
  • Make a cocktail inspired by a holiday

To submit a post, click on the link below.

Please first check out this event and submission requirements at


Cook well, and share your experiments with us!

Sophie Rebibo-Halimi, July 2016 



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