TRAVEL Theme of Our Growing Edge, July 2016 Round-Up.

Hosting the TRAVEL theme of Our Growing Edge of the month of July 2016 has been a great and rewarding experience. I do encourage everyone of you foodies and amateur cooks to participate in the monthly events, and/or why not get in touch with Genie, discuss a possible theme, and apply to be the next host! This is such a great way to meet new bloggers and share experiences, I loved it, and above all I am very happy that this month’s theme gathered so many of you together. In total, foodies, we gathered 28 posts! Wow !!! Let’s now see what you guys shared with us.


Connecticut Lobster Roll -

To kick start this month’s event, I’ve actually decided to participate myself too and post on my blog. I traveled to NYC last Spring, and ate an amazing Connecticut-Style Lobster Roll which I decided to try and recreate at home with a twist, this month.


Udon Bowl

Eli, from the blog La Cuisine d’Eli, made Udon Noodles for the first time after she visited Japan a few months ago. Her recipe is very detailed and makes Japanese food sound like it’s super easy. Which is not, she’s just got a huge talent! As I am going soon to Japan myself, I’ll definitely try Eli’s recipe when I return home, and compare to the local bowls made in Japan. In the meantime, see how pretty hers looks!


curry wurst

When living in Germany a few years ago, the writer and photographer from the blog Cook Snap Bite enjoyed foodie experiences as lots of students do when studying abroad. Back home, he recreated the Currywrust, a great street food that consists of German sausage covered with curry ketchup sauce. Guys, get ready to lick your fingers!


Sablés KorovaMaultaschen

Liza, from the blog Liza’s World Kitchen, has been very productive and has shared with us two great recipes: the Sablés Korova that are inspired from Parisian Pierre Hermé’s chocolate cookies, and the Maultaschen that are German raviolis filled with meat ragout that Liza had the pleasure to eat while on a bike trip in Germany last year!


salad nicoise look alike

The kitchen experimenter from the blog Eggs and Apple Tarts tried to recreate at best a Niçoise Salad with the available local ingredients she was able to find in Anchorage. What a challenge! For the French national day, called Bastille Day, this is an honor (for the true Niçoise that I am myself) to count this recipe attempt among the nice dishes presented for Our Growing Edge.


Indian Night

Lisa from the blog Fashion Is My Calling has tried to cook for the first time an Indian dish. You can read all about her Indian Night here and how she successfully made a Tandoori chicken with Basmati rice.



Now comes quite a fantastic cook! Natalie from the blog A Year Cooking the World, has challenged herself to cook a dish from every country in the world over the course of one year. For Our Growing Edge, she made a dish from the Comoros islands. How original and uncommon is that! Visit her post page if besides the food you also want to admire stunning photos of beaches and natural landscapes!



Cécile, The Frenchie Mummy, lives in UK, and made a Bœuf Bourguignon. If you’re willing to read a post in English and learn quite a number of French useful words too (boulangerie for bakery, marché for market, etc.), and if you want to read about nice suggestions as per what to do as a real French while your Bourguignon is simmering (drink wine, eat cheese, etc.), then this post is for you!


Beef Pho

Li’l Miss V is a blog focused on baby food adventures! The mommy here has cooked a classic dish from Vietnam called Beef Pho. Everyone who has ever got interested in Asian cuisine at some point certainly has heard of Pho before, only this recipe of Beef Pho is a children’s winner and is suitable for kids 12 months and above.


chile-con-queso dip

Terri, from the blog Food Meanderings, tells us all about her love for road trips with her family. Passionate about food too, she explains how each road trip leaves a mark on her because of the food she comes across. Currently getting the family ready for their new yearly road trip, she shares with us a super good recipe of Chile con Queso Dip that the family enjoyed in the state of New Mexico last year.


Balinese Satay Chicken

Nico, from The Pea and the Spoon, recently spent three months travelling South-East Asia and came back with lots of new flavors to share with us, including this amazingly delicious Balinese Satay Chicken with Cashew Dip. This food adventurer can definitely cook anything in the most artsy way, and always aims at healthy yet yummy dishes in the respect of Paleo style.


Noodle Soup with Pork Meatballs

Gabriella, from The Roaming Chilli, took her chance to make a week-long stop-over in Singapore on her way back from Australia to Europe. For a foodie like Gabriella, Singapore offers an extensive range of flavors to discover, therefore it’s almost needless to say she had an amazing time. Later on, she recreated one of the dishes she tasted there. Her Noodle Soup with Pork Meatballs is the dish she chose to share with us.


Google Carbonara

On Riki Tiki Blog, you will laugh and cook all at once if you dare to read this post which title is Cooking Carbonara from Google Translate: 5 Mistakes to Avoid Absolute. Riki Tiki takes you to a crazy Carbonara cooking session, guessing what Google attempted to translate, and putting in pictures all the insane ideas that the translation suggests!


Vegan Chimichurri Bowl

Sabine, from the blog In Cahoot with Muddy Boots, has traveled to France last year and ate for the first time… a Chimichurri sauce from Argentina! Back home in the US, she bought fresh herbs at the farmers market and recreated the fabulous condiment to accompany a colorful Vegan Chimichurri Bowl. Fresh and healthy, what else?!


And now, here are a few bloggers who did not cook but chose instead to talk about the food they loved eating during their travels or back at home after visiting or living in a different place.

Eataly the Basics

First we have My Dear Wonders who made quite a list of what’s great to eat in Italy, and that can be found in her post Eataly: the Basics. From pizza to pasta, you got it all, and please make yourself happy and drool over the nice pictures of delicious Gelati !


thai noodles street food


Then there is this enthusiastic food lover who can’t stop talking about food, as she says herself on her blog Chowpowwows. Street food – Thai Noodles is what her first post (out of a series of four) is about, and the Lomi from the Philippines is the fourth one of the same series. We’re delighted already to read all about it! Get your napkins ready, and don’t pass on reading her next posts too!


Ash sandwich

Next we have Ash, from the blog Wanderlust Ash, who honored a special Herbs Chicken sandwich she had with her brother lately in a restaurant in Ontario, Canada. Ash’s pictures are all of great quality, and from what I’ve seen and explored on her blog, this girl knows how to enjoy life (and food, and travels too)!


Ko Tao spring rolls

Here we have Sarah and Jacob from the blog The Little BIG Explorers. They’ve shared their food experience while travelling to Ko Tao in Thailand, showing us a range of nice dishes that reflected their taste for food exploration, and for exotic trips as well!



We were also happy this month to read a long post in both English and German language, written by Maddy from the blog Currywurst and Kimono. The focus was on Japanese food you can find in Dusseldorf, Germany, from Ramen noodles to Okonomiyaki, let alone delicious Gyoza and Sushis. Yummy!!


Jodhpur best foods

Lubna from the blog La Semaine selected for us the 5 best places to eat in the old city of Jodhpur, India. If you happen to be in Jodhpur on a day that you do feel rather hungry, you might be interested in following Lubna’s restaurants’ trail as there are lots of small (or bigger) dishes to try, from breakfast to actual meal, dessert or snack.


Ramen Osaka

After that, we read the blog of The Finicky Cynic, who wrote and posted about a recent trip to Japan, with a focus on Nara Park and a night in Osaka. There in these two cities, you can experiment so much food! The special selection here is for Japanese-style light cheesecake, and ramen noodles as well.


KL food tour

Planning a trip is always fun before the actual real fun. This summer, Flandriaman from the blog The Chirpy Chef is spending his vacation in Kuala Lumpur. Flandriaman posted an overview of a possible food tour he’ll take in KL, or more likely all the nice dishes he expects to eat while traveling in Malaysia. Readers’s suggestions are most welcomed to help him finalize his plans!


minty tiger

Rue from the blog Adventures of a Minty Tiger, went to the Australia Dairy Company, a restaurant in Kowloon district, Hong-Kong. A true authentic dining experience in one of South-East Asia’s most vibrant city that offers a wide food scene!



Mary Jane from the blog Mary Jane Lifestyle is a true Portuguese lady from Lisbon who currently lives in London. She shares with us her love for Conquilhas, a typical Portuguese petisco (aka tapas in Spanish) that she ate in July while spending time in Algarve, in the South of Portugal. A dish full of sunshine and natural sea salt!


Tibetan Momos

With the next entry, I’ve discovered a dish from Tibet that Narmadhaa from the blog The Chaos Within ate in one of the Himalayan villages of Sikkim region located in the Northern-East part of India. She ate Momos, that are cooked in different styles and with different fillings depending on where you find them.


Spinach and Rhubarb

And last but not least, our dear organizer Genie from the blog Bunny Eats Design has participated as well and shared her latest food experience in New Zealand where she had an amazing and quite unusual gourmet meal based on Maori cuisine. Thanks again to Genie and her nice work on and around Our Growing Edge, and for all the efforts she puts up in order to make this event a merry platform for all foodies!



Round-up Post Written by Sophie Rebibo-Halimi. All other bloggers’s pictures link to their own blog in respect to their property © 2016 All Rights Reserved. 


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