Sophie H. Hi Everyone ! I’m Sophie ;)

I love traveling, discovering and sharing. I have lived in China (Guangzhou and Shanghai) for 7 years, and in several islands of French Polynesia for almost a year. I’m open-minded and I love sharing my thoughts about how people live, think, eat and travel the world.

I also love cooking. I love experiencing local food while I’m away from home on a trip, and experimenting the making of foreign popular dishes by myself once I’m back to my kitchen! There are always a bunch of must-eat items in every place we visit that are a very important part of the local culture and life style, so when I go back home I have gained real “in-depths intel” about cooking techniques and food flavors from abroad!

Now living in my home country (France), I sometimes surprise myself wishing for a trip (right now! Let’s get me into a plane!) and I find myself frantically searching the Internet for recipes from other places. Food is, in my opinion, so much reflective of a national culture that a simple dish on a plate can give a taste of the country it comes from. It truly reflects its people’s soul, it can give an insight of the type of society these people are building, supporting, living in, and being proud of. If I can’t get on a plane, let me get the feeling of the trip on my plate !

On this blog, I would like to share my favorite cooking recipes, and some new ones that I keep experimenting. I am making my own World Tour of Food, in which I also include a Food Tour of America. Almost everything I eat is kind of “fusion” style, I modify all the recipes I find in books and blogs. Not that they haven’t proved professional and delicious, but because I must adapt to the ingredients that are available in my country. Finally, because the world is so wide, my free time so tight, and my palate so curious, I will try to share my tested recipes from around the world as often as possible, including from places I have not visited yet. Imagining and reproducing unknown tastes, how challenging !!!

Continuous improvement is the fun part about cooking, and I have to admit that what pushes me even further is the search for healthier ways of cooking standard rich recipes that taste great and look amazing, but that my body can’t suffer anymore. Healthy life, here I am !

It would be great to share travelling stories, recipes, anecdotes, trip suggestions, and more, so feel free to share or comment on posts! 

You can also follow me on PINTEREST via this link and more  https://www.pinterest.com/SophieReb/travelling-on-a-plate/

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  1. Hi Sophie! Finally I find you here! This is Claudia from GZ :) Love your blog and what you’ve been sharing, and like I said on FB I’m blown away that you put together a book, I admire you! We are leaving the Philippines for New Zealand, for the good life ;) Keep in touch!

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    • Hi Claudia! great to find you here on WP!! Thanks for your nice compliments, you make me blush! Looking forward to reading and seeing your pics from NZ, yeah the good life, you bet! talk soon again!

      Liked by 1 person

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